Friday Jun 21, 2024

Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Driver Fatigue

HGV driver training experience a host of obstacles on the job. The legal limits and requirements are only part of it- sometimes fatigue can take over your body and mind, regardless if you’re at work or not!

Driving a truck at night can be lonely and exhausting. The roads are mostly empty, save for the other drivers on their way home from work or out to party with friends. Around you, in your environment, there’s nothing but darkness – all of it only punctuated by intermittent streetlights and headlights that beam past like shooting stars across an otherwise black sky.

Driving on just four hours of sleep is like driving while drunk. Feeling tired while driving a large truck poses a serious risk to drivers and their fellow road users. Falling asleep while driving is dangerous both parties involved in an accident, which makes it imperative that we find ways to combat this issue.

When people become exhausted, they can start making mistakes which lead them into dangerous situations. This means that it’s important for everyone who works in demanding jobs or long hours to take the necessary precautions so as not to get themselves hurt because of exhaustion issues.

Following these simple methods is the best way to stay alert when driving your commercial vehicle.

Keep Fit

A healthy body breeds a fit mind. Building in some physical exercise into your routine when away from the job is proven to help with concentration and performance on the task at hand for longer, keeping you sharp, alert, and focused on what needs to be done now as well as later on down the road.

A little bit of cardio goes a long way. The best part about all this is that there are no rules to follow, and you can always get creative with it!

Adding a few days of physical activity into your week can make the world of difference. Walking for just 20 minutes at least 3 times per week is an easy way to boost your fitness levels, and it’s also a good way to keep yourself alert when you’ve been driving for countless hours.

Use Your Rest Time…To Rest

This would seem like an obvious task, right?

It’s been scientifically proven that a good night’s sleep is essential for carrying out your daily working functions.

A recent study has shown us the importance of getting enough rest every day so we can be on our best game at work; whether it means having better concentration or just looking fresh-faced all day long!

For HGV drivers, this can be crucial.

If you’re tired, the last place you should be is at the wheel. That’s because getting behind it on inadequate sleep can lead to dulled reactions and dramatically increase your chances of falling asleep.

Sleeping before your shift is an important way to stay alert and fresh on the job. Sleep re-charges our brains, making it easier for us to perform at a high level when we are awake. Try to get 7 hours of sleep every night to be as alert as possible in order to do this essential task well!

Eating Healthy

The first thing you might notice is that truckers, like most people, are not noted for their healthy diets. You know this already from the service station specials and greasy diners that form a part of your clichéd view of an average lorry driver’s day.

Junk food, chips, and bacon rolls are not good for your health or driving. Junk foods make you feel tired and bloated which can affect the way that you drive by making it hard to concentrate.


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