Friday Jun 21, 2024

Looking To Apply For Your Provisional LGV Licence? You Need These Documents!

If you’d like to get started as a professional driver, then you might assume the process is simple, particularly if you already have your own licence to drive. Just how hard could it be? Fortunately, in regards to process, it’s not hard, although there are a few things that you have to do in a particular order if you’d like to do your training correctly. One of the initial steps that you have to take is applying for and securing your provisional LGV licence. However what must you do if you want to get your provisional LGV licence and then start your way to driving professionally?

Do I Have To Get An HGV Or LGV Licence?

This is one thing that seems to create a lot of confusion, which is why we’re going to clear it up first. In terms of driving HGVs, you do have to have a special licence, and this is either going to be your LGV licence or the HGV licence you gain after completing Surrey and Hampshire HGV training. Further complicating matters is the fact they’re actually both the same. Using an LGV or an HGV is really just a semantic matter, because on paper there’s really no difference. The term LGV really only matters if you’re talking about light goods vehicles such as vans instead of large goods vehicles which are more like tipper trucks and lorries. Given that, there are a pair of forms that you need to get if you’re looking to apply for your HGV licence.

The D2 Form

The D2 form is the first one that you need to get. This particular form is the actual application which you need to fill in and then send to the DVLA if you want to get your provisional licence. It works just like applying for a standard provisional driving licence, which means that this particular step should be simple enough for you. You can actually get the D2 pack from the DVLA directly, but you can also get it from your particular training school.

The D4 Form

The second form you’re going to need is known as the D4. This form is actually more particular to the world of HGV driving, since it handles the medical side of you as a driver. This medical form is a particular one that you need to have filled in partly on your own and then have your doctor take care of the rest. You’ll have to undergo a physical exam with a registered, licenced doctor. They fill in and then sign their parts of the document. Once all of this is finished, you send it back for processing at the DVLA. You can either get this form directly from the UK government website, or you can get it as part of the D2 pack. Our recommendation is that you downloaded it straight from the government website, just because that website also gives you information and advice on how to fill it in which can prove very useful.

Once you have both of these forms filled in, then you can send them off for your provisional licence application. If there are no complications through this process or red flags, which are typically based off of your medical exam or driving record, then you should get your provisional LGV licence within 3 weeks via the post.

However, you don’t have to just wait around. Many drivers use this time for study and preparing for the theory test, so that they’re ready to move on just as soon as they can. Here at Easy As HGTV, our staff specialises in assisting new drivers along their journey, ranging from how they can apply for a provisional LGV licence to taking the tests and getting their first jobs in this growing industry. We offer both practical training and theory work along every step of the process, with an expert team available to provide guidance, ideas, and expertise to you. If you want to know more, just contact our team right away.


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