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Real estate marketing

Being a marketer is one of those roles you have to accept as a real estate agent. Your work is marketing properties. You are marketing the properties to potential buyers. You are also marketing your services to potential clients. Are you getting started in this world? Below are some helpful guidelines that are going to help you with your real estate marketing efforts.

Real estate website best practices

The first step you have to take if you want to build your contact database and attract new leads is to have a real estate website. There was a study that was done that showed 82% of agents who made over $150,000 had their own agent websites. This was on top of the profile pages they had on brokerage websites.

If you want to turn the site into a solid branding and lead-generating tool, follow website best practices. What can you do to have a winning real estate website? Below are some elements:

  • Distinctive and interesting property descriptions
  • Frequently updated SEO strategies
  • Easy-to-use navigation and a mobile-friendly site
  • Comprehensive neighborhood information
  • Effective call-to-action buttons
  • IDX-optimized search bar on-site
  • Free real estate resources
  • Eye-catching layout and design
  • Professional photos and videos

The best real estate agents take full advantage of the above elements to attract visitors and keep them on the site for long. They then strategically place contact information to make it easy for visitors to contact them. They also make it easy for visitors to signup and click on their social media accounts. If you are looking for property photography then see here.

Social media strategies

Social media is an important aspect of online real estate marketing. When coming up with your social media strategy, keep in mind that the end goal is getting users to your site. Your social media presence is going to help spark interest. Encourage your friends and followers to click on links and images that take them to the site.

There are some agents who miss this point then use the social media pages to sell their listings. Your site is the best place for listings. Your social media is going to help you get them there, but you have to do it so it doesn’t seem you are pitching your services.

Make it easy for visitors to share the listings from your websites to their social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter share buttons.

Print strategies

Online real estate marketing is important, but you shouldn’t forget about print marketing because it needs to go hand-in-hand. Once you have your real estate license, make your business cards. Have them everywhere you go, and give them out to people any chance you get. Apart from business cards, you also have to get yard signs, and marketing collateral pieces (like seller and buyer guides), and other content you can share.

You should send updates about upcoming open houses using good-quality postcards. Make sure you always use high-quality materials when making your flyers and brochures that you are going to hand out at networking events you attend and open houses.

Professional memberships

A good way to network with other agents is to join a professional real estate organization. The world of real estate is very competitive, but agents can benefit from networking with each other. You are most likely a member of your local or state governing body and the national association of realtors. Make sure you consider groups such as Young Professionals Association, Rotary Club, and other groups promoting service and professional growth.


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