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What You Need To Know About Guest Posting And The Way It Is Used For SEO

If you are an active blogger and you are not satisfied with the current levels of traffic reaching your site, then you might have to ask yourself whether it is still worth your time to invest in “guest posting”.

If your head is screwed on the right way and you already know a few things, then you have probably answered yes to this question.

Despite a bit of speculation surrounding how long this inbound marketing strategy will last (we will touch on this later), guest posting happens to still be among the better ways to grow an audience as well as drive more traffic directly to your website. As a side point for anyone who is in need of Seo work and is looking for an SEO agency then I would recommend doing a Google search to see what facilities you have near you.

Guest Blogging Basics

The most basic definition associated with guest blogging is to post on other people’s blogs “as a guest”.

Your content contributes to another person’s blog, while you benefit from external backlinks that return to your blog which results in wider exposure.

The concept is simple, along with an easy-sounding, “win-win” logic, but you may be wondering why guest posting is such a great idea?

What Can You Accomplish With Guest Posting?

To begin with, you need to understand what guest blogging will achieve from the guest’s perspective?

To start with, guest blogging involves building relationships. The process involves making a host of new connections and networking with bloggers that often prove to be useful at a later stage.

Bloggers are often influential individuals and their content contributes to a large chunk of conversations that go on online.

Through the process of guest posting along with building relationships with different people, you may indirectly land up elevating your overall influence within the world of social media.

Secondly, guest blogging will introduce you to new audiences. When you tap into the audience of your host’s blog, you are introducing a pitch to communities that are already established and open to what you are saying.

If you add value to the reader’s reading experiences, they are more likely to check on your blog to access your content on your own site. The main focus around guest blogging will be covered in the third point, however, the effects of click-throughs should never be neglected.

This brings us to our third point. Guest blogging is huge in the SEO (search engine optimization) sector. This is where guest blogging is mostly discussed and is one of the most vital ways to increase traffic flow to your own blog.

Before you post on someone else’s site, you must make sure that they allow you to include the link that directs back to your blog.

The link could appear in the author’s bio or you can embed it into the text. Whichever way you decide to incorporate it, generating links is among the primary goals when it comes to guest blogging.

When you are referenced on quality and reputable sites, this also plays an important role when it comes to how the search engines rank your site or blog.

As you start to generate these backlinks over time they will help to boost your search engine rankings. This is the reason why guest blogging is often referred to as “good for SEO”.

But What Will Guest Posting Do For The Host’s Site?

This part mainly involves generating new and interesting content. This is also why your guest posts need to be great, especially if you are still a small fry that is interested in publishing on one of the reputable platforms.

From the host’s perspective, guest blogs translate into free content (and who doesn’t love free content?) Of course, the blogs that are more prominent, tend to be pickier.

Guest blogging is also associated with a type of community vibe for those lower down on the “food chain”. When it comes to medium to small bloggers, hosting another person’s blog is all about helping one another out.

If you post on another blog, it is sensible to offer this same type of courtesy to other people. The strategy should be a win-win, which means that both parties should be benefiting from this type of cooperation.


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