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Qualities Of A Good Nanny

Strives To Make A Positive Impact

Good nannies aren’t just good at taking care of your children; they help the kids flourish in discipline, manners, creativity, sports, education, and communication. They also are committed to making a positive difference in your child’s life, often helping the kids take on various challenges. More importantly, a good nanny is respectful and hardworking.

They Love Their Job

Nannies are naturally caring, kind, and have excellent maternal instincts. They also love duties and responsibilities that come with taking care of children, such as planning, implementing, and letting the parents know of their children’s progress. A good nanny is happiest when the kids are happy and show improvement as they grow. The beautiful part of being a nanny is that parents get to trust you around their kids, which is satisfying. If you are interested in how much a nanny’s salary is then see ‘nanny wage calculator‘.

They Are Careful and Diligent

Diligence is a shared trait with many nannies. Most nannies are quite observant and will know and understand how parents wish their kids to be handled and how things should be done within the first few hours of being there. This thus means your kids won’t miss their shower time or medication when left with the nanny. In addition to this, a good nanny can make your responsibilities lighter and even more enjoyable as time goes by.


A good nanny isn’t quick to anger or act. She will listen to whatever you, the parent, have to say keenly and without interrupting and acknowledge your children’s needs as well. Most nannies will put your children’s needs first, especially if/when the kids are upset about something. She seeks common ground to help sort the issue without it escalating any further. It is only after the kid has calmed down that she can attend to her needs.

Trained To Give First Aid

Every parent’s worst nightmare is their kids getting hurt when they are away. Nannies are however trained to give first aid, a relief for most parents. You can thus be sure she will take charge and know what to do in case of an emergency to save the kids’ lives and ensure they are comfortable until help arrives.


A good nanny understands and knows there are boundaries she shouldn’t cross. They not only respect their employers, as well as their privacy and personal issues. This is particularly important for nannies that have to live with their families. Some of the best nannies will blend in with the family while still doing their job perfectly. An outsider wouldn’t know about the nanny until they are told so. A great nanny can thus blend in with any family and be respectful enough to provide the confidentiality and privacy the host family needs.

They Are Energetic And Self Driven

Children are not easy to work with. There are also instances where some kids will take time before they can accept you as their nanny. Aside from this, keeping up with the child’s demands can be a challenge for many, but not a dedicated nanny. That said, a good nanny should be energetic and healthy enough to manage the kids with ease. Most nannies will however maintain their cool even when the kids throw tantrums, as well as when having a fun moment with them. Their self-driven nature is what makes them excellent around and with kids.


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