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Design Ideas and Tips For a Bespoke Bathroom

Bathrooms are often important rooms in a home. If you are interested in a complete makeover or redesign for your bathroom, like the kind that Stone & Chrome can provide, it is important to make sure that the end result is going to work for you and your family. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you gain inspiration for a bespoke design for your bathroom.

Mosaics and Large Tiles

Tiles are practical and assist with creating an appealing look. Floor tiles and concrete walls are one of the popular choices if you prefer a more natural look. Large tiles for your walls can help to make small bathrooms appear bigger, while mosaics are fantastic to add pops of colour.

Traditional Bathroom D├ęcor to Match Up to the Rest of Your Home

If you own a Victorian townhouse, picturesque cottage, period property, or you would like to incorporate an old-fashioned style throughout your property, you can tie the whole home up by including a conventional bathroom. Keeping the design in your home consistent is usually the best approach, as it creates a feeling of unity and balance throughout your home. Without cohesion, the overall design of a home can feel disjointed.

Using traditionally Victorian materials for your floors helps to create an instant antique feeling to a room. Laminates and solid wood are usually not suitable for a bathroom as humidity and moisture can cause the flooring to discolour and warp. However, there are a few suitable hardwood options, offering a versatile and pleasing design option. It is best to first consult with a fitter or manufacturer to ensure the material that you choose is suitable for a bathroom.


Lighting offers a fantastic way to get creative. Some popular ideas include shelf lighting for your vanity or lighting up your sink. You could also hang pendants over your bath or coloured lights to backlight a mirror. LED strip lights also work well around a shower or bathtub.

Floating Vanity

If your bathroom is small, it is important to think carefully when it comes to the furniture that you use in your bathroom. Incorporating a floating-vanity can help to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Floating vanities also provide a modern appeal.

Smart Storage

It is important to consider how you plan to use this space. You should be thinking about ways to ensure you can store things practically and easily. Ceiling to floor storage cupboards, shelving around your sink or your shower, and under-vanity storage, are all great options.

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How Your New Bathroom Can Add Modern Touches to Your Home

If your home features an open-plan design or you do not like traditional styles, you may want to include a more contemporary appeal for your bathroom. The best way to achieve this style is to include a wet room.

Wet rooms can increase the value of your home, as this is one of those spaces that boast luxuriousness, a modern design, and style. This has been among the leading trends for bathrooms this year.

Wet rooms are not just stylish, but also extremely practical. Wet rooms offer an easy-to-access shower area for people that have issues with mobility or children. A wet room floor is level and slip-resistant, minimising the likelihood of accidents. A wet room offers the simplicity of just walking into your shower without having to climb in and out of the bath or shower.


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