Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

6 Tips to Remember When Planning for a Kitchen Refit

Are you thinking to usher in the next decade in style by adding or updating your kitchen? Do you plan to tackle it as a DIY project or hire a kitchen designer, or are you thinking of working with the two options? You might be considering marble or granite worktops in Surrey, but whatever your decision, the primary concern will be organising schedules. It would be best to consider how long the project would take, which mostly depends on the room’s size and the different features and fittings you intend to add.


The first agenda will be finding ways of making do without a kitchen. The question of time taken to fit the kitchen will help you know how it will impact your preparation. If the upgrade or new addition will take place in stages, the project will take longer than sealing off the room to focus on the refit.

If you hire a contractor, they will be a source of expert tips and guidance for what to buy and how to arrange the kitchen. If you are thinking of expanding the room, your garage or study can be turned into a temporary, fully functioning kitchen.


Budgeting will help you avoid overspending or doing impulse buying. However, we often feel like we are spending more than necessary for a product or service. However, quality comes at a cost. If what you purchase will last years of heavy use, then it is worth every penny spent. Overall, budgeting means prudent money management, setting aside a determined amount for what you need. Since cost is the concern, think of ways to save by recycling and repurposes some things like cabinet structures. It will help minimise the overall costs of the kitchen refit.


The objective in this is to determine the project’s run while considering your home’s routine or daily schedule. To slash the refit will take, ensure that you set correct timelines. Plan around events like a school holiday or significant family event to avoid inconveniences once the project gets underway. Nevertheless, some people can manage to have the works running alongside their daily activities. But for others, a shorter project planned to run when the family is away on holiday is the best option.


Will you change the kitchen’s existing structural design, which is inevitable when planning to do an extension? The structural changes might be necessary if you find the room layout impractical. In some instances, like if the room has plenty of space, a kitchen island can be an excellent addition to enhance functionality. Consider giving the island a granite or quartz countertop or worktop.

Irrespective of the reason for the structural changes, keep in mind that it all demands proper planning. The more the alterations, the longer the project runs.


Avoid making compromises when coming up with design ideas for the kitchen addition or refit. However, the transformation will depend on your choice of materials. You might be thinking of installing specific granite or marble. If so, you must check on these materials’ availability and potential lead time. Most of these stone slabs are a natural material mined, processed, and shipped out. As such, you might find that you must order your supplies on time. Discuss with your supplier and make sure you iron out any issues that may result in unnecessary delays that will eat into your kitchen refit project’s timescales.


Research before approaching any supplier. Ensure you work with reputable contractors and suppliers even as you consider one that offers the best price. Get recommendations while also going through online testimonials. Source a few quotes and compare them to determine who offers the best rates. Also, assess the supplier’s and contractor’s communication levels; go for those that maintain open lines of communication with their clients.


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