Wednesday Jul 24, 2024

Deep Cleaning Equipment Can Deal Effectively With the Coronavirus

The unprecedented and unwelcome outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus requires you to always keep your premises clean to deal with the situation, and here is where comes the latest piece of equipment to help you do so.

The Necessity for Being Clean

You can often overlook cleaning tasks and this can cause you to worry, as there are often more important things that need to be dealt with. Your feeling like this may come in the middle of an event filled working day. However, you must take a step back, and consider how a well structured and clean environment can benefit you. Your employees will have better health and well being, and this can lead them to be more productive. If your equipment and other systems are free of dirt and grime, they will work better and give you longer service. You will get visitors to your office, and if your office space is clean and well-ordered it will make for a good impression on them. Regular cleaning by professionals such as those at CJH cleaning services can bring incremental benefits and this makes you planning schedule an important part of your work.

Which are places that need cleaning? Breakdown your office space into various areas. This allows proper focus on cleaning and ensuring that nothing gets left out. Currently, government agencies advise you to encourage remote working where this is possible. However, unless your staff show symptoms of the virus, they must be free to work inside the office. If any employee gets diagnosed with COVID-19, then a business may choose to go in for deep cleaning. On the other hand, you may also opt for deep cleaning as a matter of precaution. If your employees have been advised to work remotely, it makes for an ideal time to go in for a deep clean as a preventative. Do so, and there will be a lesser chance of a virus contamination resurgence when your staff get back to the office.

Electrostatic Spray

The process of electrostatic spray surface cleaning charges chemical particles electrostatically and creates a chemical mist that can be then sprayed on to objects and surfaces. The solution used in this electrostatic spray is specialized and is combined with air and atomized by an electrode that is part of the sprayer. As the spray then contains positively charged particles, it can adhere to any surface aggressively. The positive charge in the spray allows it to cling to the surface to which the spray is aimed.

This equipment can even clean spaces that are hard to reach as well as objects of an awkward shape. Our operatives are fully trained to point and spray so that the mist naturally covers all surfaces evenly, and can envelop objects even if the spray is applied on one side. Once the spray is applied, a sanitizing agent goes to work to ensure that the covered surfaces are disinfected. This action makes electrostatic spray an excellent solution for the cleaning of areas that have contamination and germs.

Compared to conventional methods, this process reduces the time for disinfecting ad covering all surfaces and places that are not easy to reach, to almost half.

Why should you use Electrostatic Cleaning Service?

  • It can improve control of infection and the spreading of viruses, like MRSA, HIV, influenza and many others like the Human Coronavirus
  • Chemicals are applied efficiently in a controlled manner and this eliminates any danger of overuse
  • Costly financial burdens that come from health care infections that are contagious can be prevented
  • Electrostatic spray cleaning is the best option for ensuring the spotless cleaning of walls, floors and desks. It is also useful for equipment and places that are hard to reach, as any equipment that sees heavy traffic will have its germs and dirt comprehensively removed through electrostatic spray cleaning.


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