Friday Jun 21, 2024

What is the Business Impact of an Internet Connectivity Outage

Suffering downtime with your business’ internet can be detrimental in many ways. Are you wondering what can be done to minimise downtime in your business? Rather than being forced to send your internet home, you can utilise better alternatives as Nick Dutfield explains your options regarding internet connectivity services.

Just last month, they had an internet outage on a major carrier’s network in London which affected a large number of customers. This outage happened around noon and some customers couldn’t use their mobile connections at all and some couldn’t move to other locations. In the most severe case, a customer was forced to send his staff home at great cost to the business. After all, no data connectivity means no business.

There is research that showed downtime cost business in the UK over £11 billion yearly. This amount only increases every single day as we continue to rely more and more on the internet. To compound the issue, the compensation offered for suffering downtime with your internet isn’t nearly enough. Typically, businesses will pay anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred pounds every month to stay connected which doesn’t come anywhere close to the loss in productivity or time.

Along with this, there is no way to guarantee the availability of fibre
internet. One of the issues is that a lot of businesses rely on a single
connection from a single provider. Thus, if the provider has an issue with their network and your internet goes down, you are out of luck. If there is a larger spread problem with the fibre running into your building, your internet will go down.

There is a Solution: Getting a Second Connection

Perhaps the traditional way to get a second connection is by getting a
second and separate line installed. While it may sound easy, it isn’t. After all, installing new fibre can be both time-consuming and expensive. The entire process from start to finish can take months to complete. From there, you have to worry about budgeting for the cost of two separate connections in which one you won’t even be used to its full potential. And don’t forget one of the features of business phone systems is they also run through an internet connection and need this reliability.

Our Network in the Sky

A good alternative for a lot of businesses is getting internet delivered
wirelessly using microwave technology. By installing dishes on your rooftop, you will be able to get wireless internet using line-of-site to a remote base station. This ‘network in the sky’ will provide you with several unique advantages. For one, you only need to get your landlords permission to get the satellite installed. Whereas, if you were to get fibre, you would have a wayleave legal agreement. This alone can cut down on the total amount of paperwork and red tape to get the second internet installed. Also, it won’t rely on physical wiring which can be negatively affected by any construction.

Those aren’t the only advantages. Another would be the affordable nature of wireless internet. It is much cheaper than fibre. You can get a 50mb connection at around £150 which should suffice for most business’ backup connections. Likewise, you will benefit from having a very reliable backup solution as wireless internet can be more reliable than fibre.

We’ve helped hundreds of different customers within the central London area throughout the past few years to get affordable and reliable internet wirelessly. Some are using it as their preferred affordable backup solution and some as their primary internet connection. You can even split the bandwidth between your different networks which can reduce the strain on your core network. You can make it so that if the fibre does fail, it will fall back on both a reliable and fast wireless Internet connection that will keep you productive.

Wireless is the perfect backup solution. It will not only solve your problem of giving you better internet and avoiding downtime, but it can improve your flexibility and your bandwidth. Your connection matters when you are running your business.

Are you interested in getting a wireless internet for your business? We have installed a lot of different sites in the central London area. You can count on us to deliver accurate and honest advice.


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