Friday Jun 21, 2024

The Impact Internet Outages Can Have on Businesses

Losing access to the internet can grind business operations to a halt. If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to make sure you have a connection when you need it. It’s hard to predict when internet downtime can occur, and it can be difficult to cope with.

Internet outages can occur at the most inconvenient of times. It’s possible for some businesses to deal with the issue by utilizing mobile connections or even relocating, but this isn’t always possible. It may be necessary to stop work or even send employees home for the day, which can be very expensive. Without internet, it’s impossible to handle many business operations.

UK businesses lose upwards of £11 billion annually because of internet outages. These numbers, which come from OnePoll, will continue to go up as businesses become increasingly reliant on internet connections. While a provider might offer some sort of compensation to make up for periods of downtime, it’s unlikely to be sufficient. Typically, all you’ll receive is a credit for the period in which you don’t have service. It’s standard for businesses to spend no more than several hundred pounds monthly for internet access. A credit won’t make up for the loss of productivity or time.

No matter what steps you take, there’s no way to ensure fibre availability. Downtime will always be a risk when businesses are reliant on a single connection from a single provider. If there is an issue with the provider’s network, you’ll lose internet access. You’ll also experience outages if there is an issue with the fibre, whether the problem occurs inside or outside of your building. It’s a good idea to look at mobile device management solutions.

The Best Way to Ensure Connectivity Is to Have a Backup Connection

While installing a second fibre line can give you a backup internet solution, this isn’t necessarily an easy process. It can take a long time to install an additional fibre line. You won’t just have to wait for the physical installation to be completed. You’ll also need to have wayleave agreements. In the best case scenario, you can expect the process to take at least two months. It isn’t unusual for things to take much longer. It may be a year before you have your backup line. After that, you’ll have to cover the expenses of two fibre lines, even though one is just a backup line.

What Our Network Can Do for You

Instead of a second fibre line, you should consider wireless internet connections. We use microwave technology and rooftop dishes to provide internet access. There are many benefits to working with us. Wayleave agreements won’t be necessary. You’ll just need to secure your landlord’s permission so that we can install your rooftop dish. This makes the installation process far faster than it would be with fibre lines. Furthermore, you won’t have issues with street works because of the physical fibre lines.

There are plenty of other perks to consider. Opting for wireless internet will save you money. For about £150, you can obtain a 50mg connection, which should be suitable for a backup line. Better yet, you’ll have a reliable service. We’ve found that wireless internet can be much more dependable than fibre is.

Across the last few years, we’ve added hundreds of new clients throughout central London. Some are relying on our wireless internet for a backup connection, while others choose to use it as their primary service. Having this extra capacity also means you have the option of splitting bandwidth and reducing strain on your core network. For example, when you don’t need a backup connection, you could use your wireless connection for your staff or guest network. You can switch everything else over to your wireless network if your fibre connection goes down.

Wireless is a great solution if you need backup internet. With wireless, you won’t have to deal with downtime, and you’ll have the bonus of additional bandwidth. Businesses need to make sure they stay connected, and wireless is an excellent way to do exactly that.

Do you think that wireless internet might be suitable for your business? If so, talk to us. We’ve set up wireless internet at sites throughout central London.


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