Friday Jun 21, 2024

Reason It’s Important to Plan the Replacement of UPS Batteries

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is one of the most crucial aspects of your IT infrastructure. If you have one, you’re already taking some steps to prepare for the unexpected.

The entire purpose of having a UPS installed is to reduce the risk of having to deal with random interruptions to your load. Therefore, to effectively maintain the most uptime possible, you need to plan for and carry out the battery replacements at different intervals.

A UPS battery isn’t going to be something that lasts forever. Therefore, it’s important to understand and monitor the overall condition of the battery when you are undergoing maintenance. Getting routine servicing of the battery will help the engineer to perform the necessary tests on every battery. This will help you effectively predict when the batteries have to be replaced and it allows for a proper replacement schedule without dealing with a sudden loss of power.

The entire replacement process of swapping out UPS batteries can be both safe and effective when done properly. That being said, there are major risk factors associated with the battery replacement process which you should be aware of before getting it done. These include:

  • The battery load may not be fully protected by the UPS as a result of several things. Any faulty cabling can end up resulting in the breakdown of the inverter and/or rectifier. This can cause the load to be unprotected.
  • The chances of a fault can be increased when there is present electrolyte leakage that is caused by the improper handling of the battery in question.
  • There can be a serious injury that occurs to personnel when there is an electrolyte spillage virtually anywhere that surrounds the installation of the batter in the UPS.
  • There is the risk of dealing with a fire or explosion of some sort of the charger’s calibration isn’t right.
  • If you do not have proper disposal of batteries that adhere to strict guidelines, you could end up being faced with legal proceedings from the local authorities. This can lead to penalties of some kind.

Source UPS is a Yuasa Batteries Approved Distributor and we are experienced professionals in battery replacement services for UPS equipment.

We have experienced engineers on staff that are uniquely qualified to perform any type of battery replacement on all different kinds of makes and models of UPS products. We can handle the replacement either during or outside of traditional working hours and we can do so without disrupting the normal connected load. We also deal with and safely handle all of the removal and disposal of the older batteries in full accordance with the Environment Agency’s WEEE Directive.

If you have dealt with battery failure, you can visit our physical UPS Battery Shop to purchase brand new batteries online. Otherwise, if you would like to find out more about the battery replacement services or maintenance services we offer, you can contact one of our experts right now.

As soon as you have correctly identified either a failed or failing block of battery, you want to look at the overall age of your battery. After all, the set or string performance will be directly impacted by the weakest portion of the battery. Thus, replacing the blocks individually is not likely to be the best solution if you are looking for the most cost effective method. Because of this, you want to do a full-scale battery replacement instead.

When you are in the process of replacing the batteries, you will need to ensure that the configuration is a full match with the one you are removing in terms of the total DC bus voltage it has. The technology has to be equal and if the type of battery needs to be changed, the firmware is likely to require full reconfiguration.


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