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Provisional LGV License Application – The Documents Needed

A majority of people think that to be a professional lorry driver; the whole process is straightforward; especially if they already own a driver’s license. However, this is far from the truth. The fact is the whole process is not that difficult, but there are a few things that must be completed in specific order to correctly complete training.

Among the first thing a person has to do is; apply and secure a provisional LGV training license. However, the million-dollar question in this case is: what documents do you need to apply for a provisional LGV license? Where should you start on your journey to becoming a professional LGV driver? Well, to know the process or where to begin, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

Do I Need the HGV or LGV License?

This is a question that often causes a lot of confusion. Therefore, let’s clear things out. What it comes to HGVs you must have a speciality license, which is referred to as an HGV license or LGV license. In other words, both the terms HGV and LGV refer to the same thing. As such, the use of HGV rather than LGV is simply a matter of semantics. All you need to know is that on paper, there is no difference at all.

The term LGV only matters when a person is purely talking about ‘Light Goods Vehicles’ such as vans rather than vehicles like tipper trucks or lorries.

With this information; there are 2 forms that one will need to fill if they wish to hold an HGV license.

The D2 Form

This is the first form a person will need, and it is a form that a person is required to fill in and send it over to the DVLA. The D2 form is used for the application of the provisional license. It works similarly to when a person is applying for a standard provisional driving license. Therefore, this makes the process easy and straightforward. You can request the D2 form directly from the DVLA or through your preferred training school.

The D4 Form

Another form you will need is the D4, which is a unique form and necessary to the HGV profession. This form covers the medical side as a driver. In other words, it is a legal and approved form that one is required to fill in partly and then take it to the doctor’s office to fill in the rest. Once all sections have been filled, it must be taken or sent back to the DVLA for processing. You can get this form from the DVLA together with the D4 or downloaded directly from the GOV.UK’s website. It is best to download the form from the government’s website. Here’s why: the website also offers information and tips on ways to fill it. This may be useful to you.

The moment you have completed filling in both forms, you are then free to apply for a provisional license. Of course, assuming that there are no complications or red flags on the medical exam or driving record. It takes about 3 weeks to receive a provisional LGV license after completing the medical exam.

During the 3-week waiting period, you should not sit down and wonder while waiting for the license. Take that time to learn and prepare for the theory test. This technique gives people a head start to a successful profession.

We specialise at helping and supporting new drivers as they are starting their journey to become professionals in HGV. Easy As HGV will offer support starting from how to apply for their license, test-taking, to even securing their first job in the industry. We offer both practical and theory training at each step of the way.

Our team of experts give new drivers advice, guidance, and they also share their knowledge with them. If you want to learn more about our services or get advice, such as how long you have to renew your HGV license, get in touch with our Easy As HGV team today.


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