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3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Ensuring that your pet stays healthy and happy is vital not just for their quality of life but also for the relationship between you and the animal. The two go hand in hand. If your pet is healthy, they are more likely to be happy. If you are a parent or have a hectic daily schedule, it can be hard to keep up with your pet’s health. As such, it makes sense to set aside some money and hire a pet care service instead of ultimately having to foot huge vet bills due to significant health risks like your dog not being walked enough.

In this read, we are going to give you simple but effective ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Walking, hiking, swimming, and playing fetch on a regular basis can go a long way in ensuring your pet stays active and physically fit – dog walking in Chelmsford Essex can be a fun bonding experience for you and your pet. However, do not overlook mental stimulation. Hiding treats, having toys to play with, practicing new tricks, and erecting obstacle courses can are excellent at keeping your pet interested or engaged. Building a strong bond with your cat or dog is great for both of you. Petting, cuddles, brushing their coat, and even belly rubs are some of the best ways to show love to your pet. This not only strengthens your bond with the animal but promotes positive interactions with other people and pets as well.

However, given how busy most of us in this day and age, you may not have enough time to give this important care. This is where an ideal pet care service comes into the picture. If you avail of our services, you can go about your day in peace, knowing your pet is well-looked after. We offer a wide array of services depending on your pet’s needs, all designed to make the animal comfortable while you are away. If you are always at work or travelling, you can rely on us to ensure your pet is well-fed, walked and any other need met.

Socialising & Affection

Early socialisation, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, especially in dogs, and ideal exposure to different situations and people at an early age reduces the chances of fearful aggressive or antisocial aggressive behaviours as an adult. A kitten’s or puppy’s formative years, between several weeks to 18 weeks, is the best period to practice socialisation. As such, ensure your pet gets adequate animal and people interaction, and not just during the early weeks but throughout their life. If you are planning to travel abroad for a holiday or business reasons, do not hesitate to contact us for your pet’s socialising needs.

Vets & Checkups

Conducting regular checkups and health screens is a good way of detecting diseases early and spotting warning signs of severe conditions. This is vital in ensuring your pet stays healthy. We can react to emergency situations at any day. Our carers are fully insured and security checked. Given you cannot be always available or drive to a vet, we also provide Animal Ambulance/ Pet Taxi that will collect your pet and take him or her to the vet, dog parlour, etc. Ideally, our pet taxi and animal ambulance service comes with a microchip reader used to identify lost pets.


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