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How Much Does Being An HGV Driver Earn?

If you are looking to shift into HGV driving, this might be the most important question you ask. You are not alone when it comes to knowing the compensation involved in any type of career. Before joining a company, future employees will look at the hourly rate and benefits. The bad news is there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. In fact, HGV drivers get paid depending on different criteria. But there are some helpful guidelines and statutory minimums that help determine the right pay for you. This article provides information on how much does being an HGV driver pay.

Stipulations on Hourly Pay Rate

The HGV industry has its own rules. In fact, the legal wage minimum still applies to the industry. An HGV driver is covered by the National Minimum Wage and even the Apprentice Levy. An HGV driver can expect a minimum per/hour wage depending on their age.

 If the driver is between 21-24 years old = £7.38 per hour. If the driver is between 18-20 years old = £5.90 per hour. If the driver is between 16-17 years old = £4.20 per hour. The apprentice rate is £3.70 and subjected to a few conditions

The minimum wage stipulated, doesn’t mean you will get this amount all the time. The employer will recognise the value of their HGV drivers and pay more to retain them with the company. This will encourage better performance from the driver.

The National Living Wage is only a guideline to provide a liveable wage for every employee. In fact, the Living Wage is for employees over 25 years of age. The level is originally set at £7.20 in 2016. It was increased to £7.50/hour in 2017 and £7.83 in 2018. It was increased to £8.21 from 1 April 2019 – which is an increase of 4.85%.

The Apprentice Levy was effective from 6 April 2017. More companies with a gross payroll cost of £3m or above are the ones this includes. These businesses have to pay 0.5% of gross payroll. A Levy payer can claim to bask his/her payment only through an approved training. In fact, each country has its own system in this regard.

New Systems in Action

September 2017, a new system came into effect. This system determines size options for employers and enables them to reimburse HGV drivers such as:

  • Bespoke agreements
  • Benchmark scale rate payments
  • Other allowances
  • Agreed industry scale rate
  • Direct expense claims
  • Overseas scale rates

Even though there isn’t a set payment amount, there is an agreed industry scale for payment when it comes to paying HGV drivers. These drivers are sleeping and working away from their homes. This scale has remained the same since 2013 and been in place for many years. For a driver with a sleeper cab, the rate is £26.20. For drivers without sleeper cabs, the rate goes up to £34.90. It also will depend on the type of work handled by the driver.

Good News for HGV Drivers

If all this sounds confusing, you don’t need to worry. There is some good news for you. In fact, 79.1% of HGV drivers reported receiving a pay rise in the last year. The average increment was around 2.75% of the salary of the HGV driver. The rate was higher in the south while the rate was slightly lower in the north. In fact, an average of 85% of HGV drivers is earning well above the National Living Wage. But it is difficult to tell buy how much.

Are you wondering how much an HGV driver earns? If so, you have come to the right place. The above-mentioned article provides information on how much does being an HGV driver pay.


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