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Tackling Covid: How Often Should The Office Or Home Be Cleaned

If there’s one thing we have learned from covid, it’s to keep our spaces at home, in the office, and even ourselves clean at all times. Cleaning your home/office as often as you can, can help reduce covid transmission and improve your home/workforce’s health and wellbeing. But how often should I clean the house/office? You may ask. Outlined below are a few tips and guidelines on when and how often you should clean various surfaces.

Surface Cleaning

Keeping all surfaces clean by dusting and wiping them regularly reduces the risk of germs, dirt, and grime from building up. Regular cleaning is thus vital to reducing and even preventing covid transmission in the office and at home as well. See here for commercial cleaning.


Left unchecked, the office environment can be a major transmission point for covid, a reason the government recommends regular cleaning and disinfection, among other measures. In addition to only allowing a handful of workers in the office, it would be advisable to have the workplace thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each shift. Daily cleaning also helps reduce transmission cases as well.


It is a good habit to keep all surfaces in the house or home office wiped down. While it is always advisable to wipe tables and countertops as you go, experts also recommend having all surfaces cleaned or dusted at each day’s end. This is particularly important for the home office, where there might still be some crossover contact. A daily clean would thus be a good idea for homes and home offices.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning needn’t be done as frequently as surface cleaning, though it’s still important. How often should your home or office be deep cleaned?


Depending on the number of people using the office space (regardless of the time), office environments need to be deep cleaned more regularly than in a home setting. You should strive to minimize the crossover of team bubbles and have the office deep cleaned before the next team comes in. Although this might seem like an impossible task, investing in electrostatic surface cleaning makes the process 50% faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Less personnel are needed to handle the cleaning process. The best move here would be to hire a professional cleaning company to help handle all cleanups on time.


With lockdowns being imposed every other time and almost everyone at home, chances of dirt and grime building up are much higher than before. The only way to keep this in check and ensure your home and the home office are clean and hygienic is to schedule regular deep cleanings at least once monthly. The more frequent deep cleans also eliminates the need for the all-encompassing clean come spring.

Commonly Known Hotspots For Bacteria

Some areas or parts of the home/office are more prone to bacteria and germ breeding than others. Special attention is thus needed to help keep these areas as clean and germ-free as possible. The most commonly known hotpots or bacteria in the office include desktops, keyboards, mice, and other IT kits. The IT kit, for example, is estimated to harbour more than 20,000 germs per square inch when/if left unattended. Keeping these hotspots clean can thus go a long way in keeping your home office clean, reducing the risk of catching and spreading covid.


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