Friday Jun 21, 2024

Pros and Cons of Business Self Storage

Individuals who run businesses will probably need to store items. Depending on the business type (and its location), the items could be anything from a notebook, laptop, folders, boxes of inventory and even equipment. For many emerging businesses, storage is an unforeseeable obstacle that can be challenging to get around, and it often gets worse over time.

Among the commonest solutions for businesses looking for more storage space is renting a self-storage unit from a nearby centre, as opposed to a container storage. However, it comes with certain concerns, which is why we found it necessary to highlight some of the pros and cons of using self-storage for your business, and the considerations you may have to make.

Cons of Self-Storage for Businesses

It can be difficult to find some items: Without the proper organisation of the items being stored, it can be difficult to retrieve them from the self-storage unit at the time of need. Self-storage units are literally four walls, the floor, and the ceiling, and the space lacks racking or any other form of organised storage solutions. While it may be possible to add these, many businesses are resigned to using stackable boxes and sticky labels. This storage practice can be great at first, but may not be sustainable if you need to locate things quickly and easily over time unless you implement an inventory system.

They may not be suitable for every item: Self-storage units may not be suitable for the storage of all items you may have. There are limits. For instance, you may not store things like hazardous materials, weapons, unregistered vehicles, perishable goods, plants, live animals or chemicals. This might not be an issue for all, but you might need a different solution if your business frequently uses any of these things.

Cost: Renting a self-storage unit comes at an expense. Though the cost might be low and reasonable, it may not always be feasible for some businesses. What’s more, the cost increases with an increase in the space needed. The bright side to this con is that even though the cost can be high, it is cheaper than renting an office on most occasions.

Pros of Self-Storage Units for Businesses

We strongly believe in wrapping it up on a positive note, and we’ll conclude by noting some of the benefits of using self-storage units for businesses. Some of the advantages include:

Choice of size: One of the reasons why self-storage units are desirable is the variety. Storage centres will have a wide range of storage units, available in different sizes and shapes – and you can almost always find one that suits your storage needs. Most centres (including us) will have units ranging from locker-sized units and double garage-sized units and other sizes in between.

Flexibility: Self-storage is intended to offer as much flexibility as your business may require. For businesses that need storage space for a short period, self-storage offers the perfect solution. Most contracts are on a week-by-week basis, so you can have them for as long as you want or leave almost any time.

Accessibility: For businesses that need easy, quick, and even 24-hour access to their stored items, self-storage proves to be a good option. Most facilities give you access through an entry code or key, which means that only you have access to the storage unit. All self-storage centres have extended hours, and most grant you 24/7 access.

Security: Self-storage facilities boast a host of in-built security features. This way, you can always be assured that your stored items are safe from any damage and theft. With features such as CCTV, controlled access, security guards and special locks, you can always choose your preferred facility depending on the security level required.


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