Wednesday Jul 24, 2024

How to renovate on a budget

There is a common saying is ‘do not move if you can improve’ Everyone loves making improvements to their home provided it adds value and maximizes the use of living space. Whether you are interested in upgrading your shower in the bathroom, repairing original Victorian hall tiles, adding a skylight to the bedroom, or working on the kitchen. Below are renovation ideas that can help. Googling terms such as ‘kitchen painting Guildford‘ will help start the renovation journey.

  1. Doing up or ditching the old front door
    Your door is going to make the first impression, and you want it to be a good one. A good door is going to add curb appeal to the property. Applying paint on the door can make a lot of difference. The exterior of your home is going to look great because of this.

If the door has been there for long, then it might be a good idea to get a new one. You can still repair your door if you don’t have a big budget. You can change the handle and see how it turns out. You can do some of these things on your own.

  1. Laying a stylish stair runner
    When someone enters your house, they are going to see the stairs first. This is why you need to update your stairs and make it look stylish. This is also a good place to try out colour. Try going with a striped or bold-coloured runner because it is going to make a big impact. You can choose the classy option of neutral weave or thick and pale pile.
  2. Painting the floorboards
    You can easily transform how a room looks using DIY and decorating projects. There are things you can easily do on your own without any problem. When you apply a coat of paint to a bedroom, it is going to improve the look of the room and also have a new decorating scheme. Whether you are going with white or adding colour, painted floorboards are going to transform the look of the room and they are very affordable.
  3. Reinstating a fireplace
    A fireplace is a great addition to any room because it becomes the focal point. They were not popular in the past, which is why many homes don’t have them. If there is a chimney in your house, then you should consider reintroducing it. This is going to be a better focal point than a TV and could be the missing piece needed to bring back all the character of your home.

While a grand might not be enough to get one with a marble surround, there are many models made from cast-irons that you can afford. Look at the options then choose one you think will work best for your home.

  1. Caring for your cornicing
    While original features are good, there are times when you need to work on them so you can restore them to their previous condition. Decades of paint can hide the decorative cornicing. When you strip off the paint, you can bring back the detail.
  2. Building bespoke shelves
    There is nothing like too much space, so you should make the most out of your space by using bespoke shelving. From tricky corners to alcoves – you can make the most of awkward recesses as a way of utilizing every space in your home and use it as storage.
  3. Installing a skylight
    If there is a dark loft room in your home, then you should consider peg-skylights because they don’t cost that much. You can easily brighten up a gloomy room and transform the space.


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