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Drum and Barrel Pumps

Liquids are transferred from one storage container to another in thousand of industries all the time. The transfers have to be handled carefully since these liquids include viscous fluids, acids, and poisonous and harmful chemicals. A particular type of pump is used to facilitate this transfer. Technicians and engineers rely on quality barrel pumps and drums to complete the transfer process.

Portable Systems

Barrel pumps and drums are the ultimate machineries required in portable pumping designs. They are used during the whole process of transferring liquids from one container to another and even when an entire plating tank has to be pumped out. Barrel pumps and drums provide high performance and versatility in a portable package that is easy to move.

Due to their lightweight, technicians can easily move them from one location to another. Drum pumps powered by alternating current do not need a high voltage power supply or sophisticated switch gears. They require a standard and straightforward power outlet to operate. Compared to air-driven applications, the air-powered units use small-sized airlines to function.

Technicians can easily use the drum and pump. All that you have to do is dip the pump tube into the liquid that you wish to transfer and start pumping. After the transfer is complete, remove the tube and drain all residual fluids -There will be no trapped liquid in the pipe. This feature allows easy rinsing of the pump and better storage.

Quick Transfers

When processes are completed at a faster rate, the company saves more money, energy and time. The drum and barrel pumps are fitted with a delivery head and a high flow rate to transfer the fluids as quickly as possible. By so doing, the number of deliveries made increase hence boosting production and customer satisfaction

Harmful Chemical Transfers

Heavy-duty solutions are required in many applications to move highly corrosive and harsh substances safely. The correct pieces of equipment should be used when transferring chemicals and, most notably, the harmful ones. The right barrel pumps and drum can safely transfer corrosives and acids from one storage container to another. It is essential in helping minimize pump repairs, mitigating risks, and maintaining safety standard.

Noise Reduction

Drum and barrel pumps provide a portable and compact solution to areas in which noise is a concern. Fluid transfers are less disruptive due to their lower noise decibel levels. Modern technology has made it possible to incorporate variable speed drives, which are used to alter the pumps’ speed and hence reduce the noise levels even further. This comes in handy when the machinery is in the general public or close to the customers. Aquariums and medical facilities are examples of organisations that benefit from noise reduction.

Measurement and Testing

Drum and barrel pumps make the testing process convenient and much more straightforward. Due to their portability, technicians and engineers can easily and quickly test liquids in different areas efficiently. Using this equipment, technicians can determine water purity, chemical levels, and other vital measurements with little effort required and minimal periods. The size of the pumps, their portability and the absence of a cord helps with the process.

These features come in handy in water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, electroplating facilities and aquariums. Engineers and technicians in these facilities use drum and barrel pumps to ensure the correct levels of chemicals are maintained in storage tanks, baths, and other tanks.


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