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A Beginners Guide To Buying The Right Tennis Racket

What Exactly Do You Need From a Racket?

While it may seem like something you would be obvious to ask yourself when making a buying decision, not enough people do it.

Believe it or not, but it’s human nature to prioritize things that may not add any value to the product you’re buying. For instance, you may opt for a racket purely because of its colour. This isn’t something that would add value to the racket itself other than aesthetics. Because of the colour, you may be more willing to let certain things slide that you wouldn’t normally. This can catch you in the trap of getting a racket that’s not suitable for your needs.

Because of this, you need to have a list of questions that you should be asking yourself before making your purchasing decision. Ask yourself these basic questions and you’ll be well on your way to buying the right racket. For anyone interested their own padel court but not sure how to get started then see ”build a padel tennis court

Body Size and Strength

There are certain rackets you will find that will be much better suited to you based on your experience level. If you are someone that has a lot of experience and even strength, you may opt for a larger sized racket. Whereas, if you are someone that is just getting started and you’re not all that strong, a smaller rocket may be in your cards.

Generally, you will find that rackets with wider frames provide much more power to your shots. Therefore, you may want to opt for a wider framed racket if you are looking for more power and you don’t have the strength to hit it hard yourself. You can see this by looking at professional tennis players. A lot of them will have smaller frames because they can generate the power on their own.

When referring to the width of the frame, you are generally looking at the part that is highlighted in this image. This is the part that is known as the throat of the frame. This part is important because it has the most effect on the ball when it’s struck. Any racket that has a wider frame at the throat is generally going to provide much more power than a racket that has a more narrow one.

Not only do you want to think about your strength, but you also want to look closely at your height. Your height will play a big role in determining the ideal racket size. Generally, a much taller player is going to have longer arms than someone shorter. Because of this, they will have much longer swings. This means that their swings can generate more speed and power. Thus, if you are a shorter player that doesn’t have as powerful a swing, you’re likely going to want to opt for a racket that has a wider frame. However, this isn’t the case with every player because some shorter players make very hard contact. This is just general advice for most people.

The Type Of Swing You Have

You need to factor in the type of swing you have. Figure out if you have an average, fast, or slow swing. This can give you a lot of guidance as to what type of racket you should be aiming to get. Any professional coach or experienced player should be able to look at your swing quickly and tell you what kind of swing you have. If you have a powerful swing, you won’t need a racket that features a larger rim that can generate more power on its own. Instead, you can get a lighter one and that offers more control which is what you get from a racket with a much more narrow frame.


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