Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Reasons Why Cell Phone Signals Suddenly Go Bad

Heavy Cellular Traffic

Take a look around you and see how many people are on their phones. They could be parents taking their kids to school or people caught in their cars in rush hour traffic. Most of these people are definitely doing what you are doing, either talking or texting on their phones. All those cell phone signals are pinging on the nearest tower. Once your phone has linked to the nearest cell tower, it’s hard to lose the call. However, if there is more traffic fighting for a particular spot, your signal will most likely become weaker. On the other hand, if your call is transferred to a cell tower that is already full, it’s most likely that your call will drop.

Types Of Building Materials That May Block Your Cell Phone Signal

The building material used in your residential, commercial or industrial building near you might block cell phone signals. The same goes for the material used to make your car. The most notable materials for blocking cell signals include new-fangled, low-E glass and metal. Do you often notice service fading as you walk around your home? Does your signal improve when you stand near a window or door? It’s most likely that your cell signal is being blocked by construction material.

Low Battery – Is Your Cell Signal Being Blocked By Faulty Or Low Cell Battery?
Do you often put off charging your phone battery? It’s most likely that your cell phone might become weak especially when you need it the most. Your phone needs the right amount of charge to maintain a proper connection with a cell tower. If you have a low battery, you will definitely struggle. It might interest you to look into pros and cons of wifi calling, this can be a better option than signal boosting depending on individuals’ circumstances.

Does Weather Affect Cell Service?

Cell phones send and receive electromagnetic waves. They are often affected by weather elements such as heavy cloud cover, humidity, wind, rain, thunder, snow and ice.

Blocking Your Own Antenna

Think back to the first cellphones ever introduced. Yes, they are incredibly huge but they relied on exterior antennas. They were heavy and hard to wield but they had a consistent signal, thanks to the exterior antennas. Phones manufactured today have antennas embedded inside. If you are not careful how you hold the phone, it’s easy enough to block the antenna and completely lose your signal. The phone model determines where exactly the antenna is embedded. With some research, you should be able to find the antenna in your phone. Now that you have an idea where the antenna is located, you will no longer have a problem blocking it.

Do Trees Affect Cell Phone Reception?

If you are walking through an area with a lot of trees, you are likely going to lose your cell signal. That’s because the canopy of leaves can block your cell signals causing your calls to drop and fade altogether. If your home is surrounded by large trees, especially evergreen, they might be causing a drop in the cell reception. Just like other weather elements, snow also affects cell coverage.

Do Hills And Valleys Affect Cell Phone Service?

Geographical features may also obstruct cell signals. If you live near mountains or hills, you are likely going to experience poor cell signals.


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