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Activities in Borneo

The Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah, located on the island of Borneo, are well known for their diverse culture, rare wildlife and impenetrable rainforests. These features make them irresistible to nature lovers and perfect sites for adventure.

The following are breathtaking activities that you can enjoy while at Borneo:

1-Swimming with turtles in Sipadan.

In Sipadan, tourists get the chance of swimming with turtles only an arm’s length away. The sea waters are crystal clear, making the experience even more enticing.
Apart from the fantastic marine life at the tiny beautiful island, more than 40 acres of the island is covered by pristine forest. Turtles are not the only animals found on the island. While cruising across the long plateau located at the eastern end of Sipadan, you will come across clouds of amazing yellow snappers and lots of curious batfish rooming over the plateau. At West Ridge, you will have the opportunity to see the turtles at a close range, goggle at groupers and also have the chance to glide over black corals. The more than 3,000 different fish species will ensure you are fully satisfied and amazed at the same time with the beautiful scenery.

2-Climb Malaysia’s World Heritage Site.

Mount Kinabalu, which is found between New Guinea and the Himalayas, is the highest mountain in the area. It majestically stands at the height of 4,095m above sea level. The mountain has the highest via Ferrata at 3776m high, well-maintained paths, and the worlds most accessible mountain. As you climb to the highest peak, irrespective of the route you choose to take, ensure you look up from the path. The hill is a bush full of clad botanist’s Mecca. The mountain is known for having the most extensive carpet of mosses globally, more than 1200 orchid varieties, and an inhabitant of more than 5,000 plant species.

3-Head up River.

The big Kinabatangan river provides a pathway into the dense interior of Borneo. Borneo is a land full of traditional tribespeople, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants, straight from the pages of a Boy’s adventure. By simply booking a river tour, you are assured of lots of beautiful wildlife and an opportunity to see the most miniature elephants of Asia in Borneo. As you drive along the beautiful Kinabatangan river, you will come across orangutans, crocodiles and monitor lizards. Kingfishers and hornbills are always flying above your head in the sky along the river.

4-Spice up Your Life.

The most common foods in Borneo are locally freshly grown vegetables, noodles, rice and plenty of fish from the river. These ingredients are used to make nutritious clay pot soup. Be it fish such as squids or prawns that have been boiled or vegetables and tofu, the boodle-based soup is bound to keep you warm, happy and whole. If you want a diet with a little bit more kicking, you can always try the Hinava. Hivana is the most common type of dish in Sabah. It is made from filleted mackerel, smothered in lime, bambangan seed, ginger and chilli.

5-Make Music in The Forest.

The Sarawak Cultural Village is known for preserving and showcasing the culture and life of Borneo’s local tribes. It is located deep at the centre of the Borneo rainforest. The Rainforest World Music Festival held annually is also hosted at the forest. The event takes place for three days bringing together more than 24,000 people from all over the world.
Performers both local and from all over the world entertain the crowds with good music and art. The Sarawak festival has been running since 1998.


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