Wednesday Jul 24, 2024

4 Reasons Why Becoming An HGV Driver Might Be The Perfect Job For You

The entire supply chain in the UK is heavily dependent on HGV drivers. In essence, they are the ones who mainly transport supplies and goods all around the country. Within the last two years, their roles in the sector have drastically improved and more and more persons have seen just how important they are.

However, there is still a shortage of drivers within the UK. While this automatically sounds like terrible news for consumers far and wide, it’s a great entry into the markets for those trying to secure jobs. If you didn’t already know, there are tons of HGV jobs available and employers are providing a ton of benefits for them.

With an HGV job, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom that comes from being on the road, you’ll be able to work freely, and there’s excellent pay. So, if you’re thinking about becoming an HGV driver today, then there are several things that you need to consider. These are the top 4 reasons why you should become an HGV driver. Before you read the article however you may want to see looking lorry driver training.

Earning Potential

Before jumping into any job, potential employees are mainly interested in learning about the salary involved. If you’re thinking about becoming an HGV driver, then there’s a lot to look forward to. On average, the starting salary for an HGV driver is £20k.

Due to the shortage and demands of the markets, salaries in this sector continues to increase. Hence, the potential to earn more is very possible. However, you’ll still need to start at the beginning and work your way up as you gain experience. Additionally, depending on the company you work for, your salary can also be higher and range anywhere from either £30k to £40k and there’s a ton of bonuses too.

Job Security

If you’re very well-qualified and trained, you’re in luck. This is due to the fact that there is a higher demand for drivers because of the shortage. As such, you’ll never have to worry about your job security. Since the global pandemic left the world in a pretty volatile state, you’ll need to work in a field that offers continued growth. Becoming an HGV driver is one of the few fields that will set you apart from tons of other locals.


If you’re interested in working without the hassle of being stuck behind a desk, becoming an HGV driver will certainly benefit you and keep you interested. In the HGV field, you’ll be able to schedule all of your other responsibilities in your free time and you’ll be able to conveniently do them. A career as an HGV driver will ensure that you’re out exploring the open road.

Easy To Get Into

Unlike other sectors, it is pretty easy to become an HGV driver and it is even less expensive if you need to pay for training. While becoming qualified doesn’t require a degree, there are still some tests that you’ll need to pass before you can take to the wheel. A huge requirement is that all drivers should be over the age of 18 and hold a category B licence.

If you already meet these requirements, you’ll need to complete and pass the medical aspect and you’ll also need to apply for a lorry licence. After attaining the licence, next comes the practical and theoretical tests. When all is done and over, you’ll now be a qualified HGV driver.

While the entire ordeal may sound like a lot to complete, don’t be so alarmed because it only takes about 10 weeks to get through all of it. If you’re worried about the cost, there’s nothing to worry a


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