Psychotherapy for Exercise Addiction

Psychotherapy is an effective cure for exercise addiction as it helps you understand your condition, manage the symptoms and cope with everyday life struggles. Exercise addiction is not a surprising issue in the digital era as the standards for physical attractiveness that society sets seems to have changed dramatically over the years.


There is no need to suffer. Help for exercise addiction, such as psychotherapy is widely available.

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How Can Psychotherapy Help?

Exercise addiction is scientifically defined as the obsession and abnormal engagement in physical exercises. Various factors are hinted as reasons behind this; too much desire to attain or maintain an ideal physique, willingness to get rid of stress and seeking of pleasure and euphoria produced by body chemicals after engaging in prolonged exercise.

Here’s how a psychotherapist in Perth can help you cope with such addiction:

  • Understand your condition

Recognising and accepting what the nature of your condition is the biggest step that you must take towards exercise addiction treatment. The role of your psychotherapist is to help you understand your condition such as the symptoms, emotions, feelings and situations or objects that could trigger it.

  • Reduce the symptoms

After understanding the nature of your exercise addiction, the psychotherapist will be conducting different types of therapies to test the reaction of your mind and body. In that way, you will be aware of the situations that could trigger the addiction. There are different types of psychotherapy sessions, depending on the level of severity of the condition.

  • Change undesirable behaviour

The psychotherapist will encourage you a lot to change your exercise habit and replace it with other types of recreational activities. It is the role of your psychotherapist to convince you that your addiction is now a health risk.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

The psychotherapist can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by changing your damaging exercise habits, staying away from temptations and keeping up with treatment and therapy. In that way, you will live a happier, healthier and contented life!

Expect various types of psychotherapy services in Perth which are all geared towards helping you cope with exercise addiction.

Do not wait any longer. See the therapist as soon as possible. Chronic exercise addiction is a health risk; mild addiction is curable through medical treatment and therapies.

Watch out for the common signs of exercise addiction such as:

Obsessive exercising

Even if you are exercising obsessively, you will require yourself to do it more and more, especially when you see some good improvement. That is how the obsession begins!

Involuntary exercising

You are physically tired, but your body is still commanding you to exercise. This is due to an abnormal exercise pattern which can result in poor social interaction, daily activities interruptions and injuries.

Exceeding the limit

If you are exercising more than usual, evaluate yourself! See the doctor for proper assessment.

Moreover, the psychotherapist will help you control your addiction by encouraging you to divert your attention to other therapeutic activities such as yoga, cooking, music and other similar activities.

Psychotherapy can also teach you self-help methods such as:

  • Acceptance

Acknowledge the problem. It is the first big step you must do towards treatment.

  • Self-discipline

Discipline yourself by controlling your urges and diverting attention to other activities. It could be your chance to know yourself better, restore wellness and acquire a new set of skills.

  • Relaxation

Breathing is a good form of relaxation. Close your eyes, concentrate and focus on diverting thoughts.

With these self-help tips along with regular psychotherapy sessions, your exercise addiction symptoms will be reduced!

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